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=> stocks go UP...stocks go DOWN.....

stocks go UP...stocks go DOWN.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, March 18 2011, 11:53:01 (UTC)
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Website title: the past week we've seen Japan's stock market go up and down...same in the US...what gives? Have those companies listed on the markets been getting more profitable one day and less profitable the next? No...the stock market isn't what it used to's just a Casino...actually, a giant Ponzi scheme in which the only money being "made" comes from new suckers buying in....the fuckers are just gambling, that's day several guys sell which drives down the prices and the news reports that stocks are "down",,,but it's's like a bluff in soon as the price drops, though nothing has changed at any factory anywhere, people buy up at the reduced price and then sell again, which sends the market "up"...but still, no one has invented anything new, no business has issued new stock or seen it's value index go up...the stocks are just the chips in a poker game....then they repeat...a bunch sell, drives the price down, then they buy again, wait till people want to gamble that it might go higher and higher, and buy....and then they sell again, market "drops" and on and on...meanwhile not a godamned thing is added of any value to the economy...except a little "trickle down" when the fat cats go to dinner and maybe tip a little more generously then they would have.


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