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take back the language!
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, March 25 2011, 2:16:23 (UTC)
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referring to a new Broadway musical about Mormonism...

"Richard Bushman, a leading Mormon scholar, says the Mormon faith is an easy target for the entertainment industry."

...wait a do you get to be a "scholar" in something as silly as Mormonism...or any religion? Technically Iauppose you can know all there is to know about just how you have to wring a chickenīs neck to make the curse or prayer work...and if you study the subject AS a scholar, wll maybe...but if you BELIEVE this crap and have had it shoved up your arse since childhood or shovelled it down your own throat as an adult and believe arenīt a scholar...youīre an avid fan.

...there are people who know all there is to know about baseball...but a scholar OF baseball---get real.


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