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terrorists in Italy
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, July 22 2007, 4:46:39 (CEST)
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..listened to the radio today and heard they'd broken a "terrorist training school" in Italy and we can all beathe easier (that's supposed to be funny.)

It got to me thinking about how each person thinks his shit don't stink...that it's the other guy who is offensive. How many countries in over how many years has the CIA had "training centers" many acts of terror have United States secret agents...otherwise known as terrorists, committed against how many legitimate governments and innocent people?

The people fighting back at America's crimes are often poor, ill-equiped and unsophisticated. They have no access to the advanced weaponry and unlimited funds or immunity with which undercover American agents, not to mention their military are they supposed to go toe to toe with such a force? What choice do they have but strap bombs to their bodies and try where they can to inflict the greatest damage...that they are willing to do it all is a testament to human ingenuity and courage and conviction.

In every formal battle that George Washington engaged the British the Revolutionary Army lost. It was thanks to the irregulars, the "terrorists" of their day..who did ungentlemanly things like shoot from behind, ambush and refuse to play drums and bugles, that the Americans won.

Reagan's favorite movie was Red Dawn in which a sneak attack against America's heartland is successfully caried out by Soviet paratroopers...and the American tennagers who fight back are nothing more than "insurgents" hoping like hell to get help from "outside forces".

Included in the report were the words of an Interpol supervisor who said, and I quote..."we will have to monitor the kinds of activities that go on in Mosques from now"..he said because the people arrested were supposedly working out of a mosque.

You get the point. Places of religious worship are now going to be seen as a potential threat because they are used to train and inspire and preach to terrorists.

Think back to the churches Saddam bulldozed...ask yourselves where else BUT in church schools the idea is taught that Iraqis are really Arabs who have stolen the land of the "Assyrians"..who are all Christians and who must NEVER rest or cease to ask foreigners to attack their country, if they want to be REAL Assyrians.

Why wouldn't Iraqis view those churches the same way Interpol now wants to treat Mosques? Especially when you consider that it was not Iraq that attacked a Christian nation, but Christian nations which attacked Iraq?

Makes perfect sense..which is something religion innoculates you against by telling you that YOUR god is the ONLY, naturally any crime committed in his name is holy...

Kill god before he kills you.


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