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that Amazing Bill Maher...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, March 13 2011, 14:51:44 (UTC)
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I just can't over admirable, sharp, incisive, able to see through tons of bullshit, and yet, when it comes to Islam, as blind and stupid as any southern cracker.

He asked his panel why it is that in recent weeks so many people have been coming out with anti-Jew comments...from Galianos, to the Gibsons, to Charlie Sheen and others..."what is going on here?", he asked, "Why is it all of a sudden okay to hate Jews and say it outloud"?

One panel member said it was because of the economy, another said it was because Israel is in the news so much for the terrible things it does.....I was so hoping that one of them would have said..."you mean like the comments YOU regularly make about Muslims"?

Does Maher NOT understand that prejudice is prejudice...that stereotyping is the same wrong, no matter who the target? Doesn't he recall that all the lies and slanders leveled by Christians against Jews were all BELIEVED to be true, by the wisest heads of those days as well as everyone else? We only see NOW that we were wrong then, terribly, cruelly wrong and, wrong to our own detriment...WE suffered in the end as well as the Jews we made suffer. Christian Germany ruined ITSELF over its mad obsessions with lying about Jews and believing those lies beyond reason or common sense OR history!

And yet here is this otherwise intelligent shmuck asking WHY people feel it's okay to "express hatred for Jews"? Why SHOULDN'T it be when it's open season against Muslims? Do we wade through another bloody Holocaust before we realize we wuz wrong? Can we learn NOTHING?

I want someone to prove to me that Islam is violent...prove it and not just SAY it! Maher certainly hasn't.


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