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that consummate ass...Timmerman.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, March 2 2011, 22:14:36 (UTC)
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...who is this dweeb? A Christian apologist no doubt.

here's his plea on behalf of Iraqi have to remember he's an American, a Christians, which means that he's from the very people and religion who've done this to the Iraqi people, Christians included...

Iraqi Christians to Congress: Please help

Posted By: Emily Issa <>
Date: Wednesday, 2 March 2011, at 12:21 p.m.

TIMMERMAN: Iraqi Christians to Congress: Please help
Autonomous province could preserve dwindling community
By Kenneth R. Timmerman -The Washington Times6:42 p.m., Tuesday, March 1, 2011Illustration: Kurdish-

Iraq's ancient Christian communities have been decimated by jihadi Muslim terrorists who have bombed their churches, kidnapped their loved ones and summoned them to submit to Islam or die. Since the U.S.-led liberation of Iraq, roughly two-thirds of the pre-war Christian population of 1.5 million has fled Iraq. about the truth?

" Iraqis Muslims community, and Christian, Yezidi and Jewish communities have been decimated by CHRISTIAN Jihadi Terrorists who have bombed their mosques, churches and synagogues, kidnapped their loved ones and summoned them to submit to Christians led armies or die, as they have anyway. Before the US led OCCUPATION of Iraq, roughly one million Iraqi, pre-war children under the age of five were starved to death or forced to die from previously easily preventable diseases, over another million adults have been murdered, all of them innocent of any crime except defending their homes and families, and countless Iraqis have fled the country AND become displaced in their own county"

Try that on for size.

But now Christians face a more pernicious threat - gradual extinction thanks to day-to-day harassment from the Kurdish occupation forces in the Nineveh Plain, where corruption, a lack of development funds and the continued political stalemate have led many Christians to flee the country for exile abroad.

...tough shit! You Christians really thought you were going to do this to an innocent people and sovereign nation which did nothing to you and YOUR fellow-religionists were going to escape unharmed??? And now you come asking for a REWARD??? A "safe" place for yourselves....above rich oil reserves? You really think so? claim it's because you are being picked upon??? You're no different from the fellow who murdered his parents and then begged the court for leniency since he was now an orphan....YOU brought this death and destruction and now you want PITY???? After ruining Iraq for generations to come you want OIL???? You want your own COUNTRY taken from the body of the Iraqi want them to feel sorry for YOU???


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