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the Americans again
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, July 10 2011, 4:19:47 (UTC)
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I am in a little back and forth with some Americans over Southern Sudan which just got its independence. I responded to some comments and now they at it. Americans don't like it when someone points out what they do and especially not another citizen. Here it goes:

Pete wrote:

"The Sudan government should be ashamed of themselves for the atrocities they committed against these people. It's sad that the leaders who persecuted the mostly Christian south got away with their crimes, they should all die in the Hague for war crimes. Even sadder that conservative Arabs quietly supported Sudan instead of stopping them."

Let's get something straight first. Southern Sudan is not "mostly Christian" but mostly follow indigenous religion and there are even many Muslims among them. There are millions of Christians who live in the North and nobody bothers them. Sudan is mostly Muslim and the conflict had been going on for decades and it was tribal. The west, as always, chose to make more of it and cause trouble because there are resources there. US never cared for Black Americans so why Africans now?


"are you sure that you're American? What country does America nuke?"

Japan, and let's see how many other countries are we currently bombing? It has been admitted that Iraq's air and water is polluted because of all the bombings over the years, and we talking about American bombings. There are areas in Vietnam where nothing grows to this day because of all the poisons and chemicals. America has committed far more atrocities than Sudan and it's not close. Am I not American because I am pointing out what your country does?


"what countries are we colonizing? We nuked another country to stop a war (that Japan started). Nuking stopped the war and saved lives."

there are over 1000 military bases in over 100 countries. What do you call that? You have wars in different continents and are directly/indirectly involved in every conflict in this world. This country spends more on military and weapons than any other country in the world. China and 24 other countries combined do not even come close to what the US spends on weapons and wars and military. America is also the number weapon maker, seller and purchaser. Why? To keep us safe? And how do you save lives by Nuking? I guess the sanctions against Iraq, and other nations are to save lives also, huh?

your mom:

"Of course they failed to mention an important point... that the north is primarily Muslim and the south is primarily Christian. For decades, muhajideen from the north would ride down to the south and take whoever they wanted as slaved, then demand huge ransoms. I am happy for those in the south, but I don't expect the persecution to end."

The south is not primarily Christian and all of Sudan doesn't even have a whole lot of Christians. Majority of Sudanese are Muslims(78%) and the animists, atheists etc are more than Christians. There are more Christians who live in north and in the capital(Khartoum) than in the whole south. Your problem is that you get your info from your silly church who don't even know what the fuck is going on. This conflict was more tribal than anything. You decided to step in and bring religion into it. This was never about saving people or stop persecution. It was a small tribal conflict that went on and the west helped increase the drama. Sudan gets so much more attention because there is something there which interests the west.

some dude:


"They also fail to note that Southern Sudan is a Christian nation while Norther Sudan is Muslim. The Muslims still hold thousands of Christian slaves, hopefully, they will be released. BTW, while thousands were butchered by the Muslims, the UN, US, and NATO stood by and watched."

I wonder if you even know where Sudan is located geographically. I should be rich for repeating this so many times by now. South is not a Christian area. What is so hard to understand a simple fact? The majority of Sudan(overall) is Muslim. Christians are a tiny minority who mostly recently converted from animism and this was because the west needs agents in that country. Why didn't Rawanda get any attention while over a million Christians were butchered by another Christian tribe? Why you not crying for them yet so concerned for Sudan? something tells me there is a catch behind all of this and of course there is because you are Christian(ewww) and an American propagandist(yuck).

Before all of these people cry or talk about otehr nations, they should focus on their own turf. Millions of homeless, no jobs, poverty increasing, more violence, suicides, etc and they worried about Sudan. America has and is still continuing the most atrocities in the world. America is an empire even though it won't openly admit that, but actions speak louder than words. We don't have to wear sheets to be racists and we don't have to openly say it to qualify as an empire. We are a unique empire though because we don't acknowledge that and we often interfere and conquer indirectly in many areas and then directly in others. In south and central America we conquer through trained puppet militaries, thugs, and financial assistance to the loyal and then in the Middle East we do it directly. And a great number of people are so blinded to see this.

I hate to say "we" because I don't feel part of it but I do live in this empire so I use that.


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