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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, June 25 2011, 6:55:41 (UTC)
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just watched the republican presidential debate and wasn't looking too good. If these fools get elected, expect more of the same. All of them were Christians and asking for more wars. One individual that really struck me was this one who was talking about he wished Regan would have killed Qadaffi back when he bombed him and killed his daughter. Right as he got done wishing death upon someone, his little profile popped up and told us what he was, and turns out he was an Evangelical Christian. In other words, he is one of those born again fucks and a radical Christian who loves guns and violence. Now I really want Ron Paul out of all just to see someone who is totally different. Although I don't like him either, but I think he would be something different. It's just too bad that his chance of making it is as strong as me becoming a Christian.


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