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the Jizya Fandango or....the dance around the truth
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, March 15 2011, 13:58:15 (UTC)
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...I love how Christians will say, "well, yes there was great tolerance in Muslim society (before the 20th century when Christian missionaries began the attack) but you know, non-Muslims had to pay an additional tax". And that's one goes on to explain what the benefits were that came with this protected military service for many Americans would have loved to pay any kind of tax to avoid the draft during Vietnam?

And then there's the slight question of life-with-tax over death-at-stake....whereas in Muslim society a tax was levied on Christian societies there was none levied against non-Christians, that's true...but not because Christians are against taxes or inherently fair, or meek and was because Christians first took all the wealth, not just a tax, and then KILLED any non-Christian....Jew or they also killed Protestants, Puritans, Quakers and a whole list of "heretics", as they had been doing for centuries.

What person, facing death and worse at the hands of the Christian Inquisition, would NOT have preferred to pay a tax to be left alone, and out of the military and wars?

Christians have been persecuted and murdered by other Christians in far greater numbers, far far greater, than they ever have been by anybody else...they are their own worst enemies, as they have been the worst enemies of everybody else.

In fact, no one has yet been able to give us ONE instance of Christians being persecuted or killed, by non-Christians, for their religion...for their RELIGION, I said. Those who were killed were done in because of what they DID and would have been treated the same no matter what their religion...for their black deeds not for their religious beliefs.

Palestinians aren't pissed at Jews because of their religion, but because of what Jews have DONE...they would have been just as angry at Hottentots, or Atheists who did the same.

The dominant industrialized nations of today are all Christian, except for China. And we hear endlessly about how non-Christian atheists, such as Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot killed millions, because they weren't Christians, the idea goes....and yet today, around the world, 18 thousand children under five die EVER DAY from disease and malnourishment which the dominant, Christian Capitalistic nations could easily put a stop to...that's per day!

Christian Capitalism is killing far more people, children certainly, than Communism or Atheism ever did. And food prices have doubled recently...that's capitalism and the Free Market at work...just as poverty has increased dramatically in the United States due to the same Free Market bullshit.

And the sad and funny thing is that none of it is necessary...there is no such thing as "we don't have the money"...even in this screwy Banking and monetary system of ours where Michael Moore rightly points out that America is NOT broke...we're awash in cash, funny-money it's true, but there it is, by the's just that it's been Capitalistically siphoned off into the hands of 400 people...who own half of all American wealth COMBINED. These blood suckers didn't "earn" this money...they didn't invent something we all went out and, they come up with Free Market schemes and scams to legally (after they changed the laws) strip us of OUR money, reduce our wages, get rid of unions and transfer jobs overseas...and they are ALL Christians!


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