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the Reverend Mr. Trump
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 2 2017, 1:37:08 (UTC)
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...watching Trump now, after his "good showing" or rather his script reading, I'm reminded of all the defrocked and scandalized ministers and reverends, especially the TV evangelists, who all started out their careers as holy men, and decent men, and men of god, only to be exposed down the line as pederasts, child molesters, rapists and plain crooks.

In their careers they went from high to low...Trump, on the famous other hand, has gone from low to high, from acknowledged crook, pussy grabber, woman assaulting creep TO a pious's a measure of how gullible and filled with "faith" Americans are that they now accept the "ascent" of this scoundrel to a saint.


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