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the Trump effect in Mexico
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, December 5 2016, 15:36:41 (UTC)
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....Here in Mexico there is a chain of convenience stores called OXXO which you find mostly at gas stations. At the register when your change due is very small, like a few centavos or even a peso or two, you have the option to donate it to social services such as orphanages or old folks homes or clinics and things like there is a new option; you can decide to help pay for the wall Trump says he will build, at Mexico's expense.

...also, they say that Castro, having survived 12 or so presidents and hundreds of attempts by the CIA and Mafia to kill him, couldn't last 15 minutes of Trump...and promptly died.

...I still say the best thing for the United States was a Trump victory. What can't kill you can only make you stronger.


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