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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Saturday, February 28 2009, 23:50:42 (CET)
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Welcome to the asshole club. When it comes to the top assholes in the world, I have already clariefied that in my opinion no one fits it better than Christians. If I were to start with my favorite ones or the top ones they would go as follows. Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syrianis, Maronites, and how could I forget about my favorites, the Copts. What do all these assholes have in common? They are all Christians and the biggest assholes on earth. They'll sell their lands at any chance. They become "good citizens" in the western world while were the biggest assholes in Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran. At the same time it is the west where their culture, lamguage and heritage is coming to an end and not in the Middle East, but this is not the real issue anyways. They don't give a shit about those things and sure as hell not about ancient Assyrians. They are Christians, assholes and hate Muslims so any oppurtunity they get to betray their native countries they will do so.

As I have said before, I respect a prostitute or a whore more than these assholes because at least she doesn't do her thing for free but for money. In the case of these assholes, they are whores but I call by the name people in my hood use which is hoe. They are nothing but hoes. A hoe is someone that just does it for free, for fun and with anyone. I describe these assholes the same as hoes. Then I will later throw the western born agains on that list too, but even the Middle Eastern born agains become better assholes when they join these cults. Christianity is falling a part and is now actually being exposed more than ever. If I had to chose between Christianity or death, I would pick death even if it came with pain and torture.

Yes I said it serious and practicing Christians are all assholes and cock suckers too. I am waiting on the FBI still and maybe I need start using more profanity to get the cops called on me.


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