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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, March 14 2013, 14:41:50 (UTC)
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Al- Maliki exposing Kanna

On the occasion of the inauguration of Patriarch Sako over our miserable Chaldean Church (as the rest of our churches), and with the presence of the "Christian" puppet of Islamization and Kurdification policy in Iraq, Maliki said at the inauguration ceremony, commenting on the speech of the Patriarch Sako the following:

"I commend what I heard as a good talk and I consider it as a work program commensurate with the tasks of national and brotherly relations and national identity, which must combine Iraqi Muslims and Christians, Sunnis and Shiites, and nationalities, like Arabs and Kurds and Turkmen and Yesidis and Sabean."

Those who well understand what they read will know that this is a new Denial of the Assyrian national belong,

...a denial of the assyrian BELONG???? What the fuck is an assyrian BELONG?

or even "Kaldo Assyrians" (if we assume controversy) or whatever, due to the destructive and disgraceful policy of the so-called “Assyrian” Democratic Movement and its “work” to destroy the Assyrian national identity which has the only rightful sovereign on the land and which is a thorn in the side of the kurdo-arab occupation of Assyria, and by adopting a new label as "Christian component" which is abhorrent as its proposers.

...these dweebs are no "thorn" in anyone's side but their own.of course you are just a Christian's the one thing all who know you agree to...that and your being idiots.

Kanna’s movemnet, as Assyrian I feel ashamed when I hear your name because you turned into an argument for Kurdification and Arabization and the fake Iraqisation policy

...what about your own bullshitization policy?

against my nation, a strong argument to distort the meaning of my ancestors' martyrdom and your members' martyrdom since 1985 and I wish you from all my heart all the failure in all your endeavors, please stop your "work" for this very work turned me in media, unwillingly as a Christian Kurd and Christian Iraqi.. Shame on you and on all who follow your black process.

The link to Al-Maliki speech :

Ashur Giwargis - Beirut BELONG in an asylum.


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