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the beauty of Fascism....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, May 27 2014, 16:39:15 (UTC)
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Website title: don't have to like it, but let's at least admire its methods and goals. Nothing can be scarier to wealthy people than democracy. Their natural inclination is for rule by wealth, not the common vote. But, there's their dilemma; how do you get people to freely vote you into power...a power you then use to disenfranchise them the more while making them glad! It helps greatly if you can pose as their "protectors" well as the defenders of their "morality" that and they'll gladly do without liberty or vacations or a decent wage.

Hitler and his like were the first attempts...the first time the vote was given to the larger majority of citizens, in England and other countries as was a challenge. Hitler used the Jews and fear of them as a binding force...the United States, the Cadillac of Fascism, used communists and today, Muslims. And we've all noted the thirty-year moral crusade to stick Jesus up our collective arses....this is "soft" Fascism, though it accomplishes the same ends...we wont see any concentration camps for Muslims, but their countries will be turned INTO them. That Auschwitz stuff was pretty brutal and's just that Hitler got so worked up over it he almost had to murder them all....but we're better than that more such excesses, no funny clothes or facial they don't even wear suits and ties, just casual Fascist garb, far more relaxed about it......

But the end result is the same; through manipulation and bad education and exquisite propaganda the common people are tricked into voting against their own best self-interest and FOR the interests of the's the ultimate betrayal of the whole idea behind democracy, no need for Fascism...if you want to undo democracy you have to apply's the "cure".


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