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=> the cost of loving your nayshun....

the cost of loving your nayshun....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, December 18 2010, 18:23:28 (UTC)
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Maggie is at it again...deleting and banning those whom she feels she has a right know, like any third world dictator. It's so tiresome to ban and delete and police the world. Maggie too is definition-challenged...she also doesn't know the meaning of the word "forum" which is, "a marketplace for the free exchange of ideas" is not supposed to be your own garage sale where you pick and choose the merchandise on display and also control who enters and can buy or display wares....a true forum not a Tupperware party.

In one of her whining, self-congratulatory responses she comes up with this.... Forum

To Youel

Posted By: Maggie Yonan
Date: Friday, 17 December 2010, at 8:01 p.m.

"Your post was deleted due to inappropriate language....
I will no longer respond to you. I will keep deleting your posts, until you start acting professionally. I'm not going to pay outrageous prices to host this forum, only to be subjugated to your constant diatribes. Enough is enough!"

...."outrageous prices"? host her LOVE OF ASSYRIA??? When you're engaged in a war with your "enemies" as Maggie claims she is, a few hundred dollars a year (if that much) is hardly "outrageous"...and if it is a war, shouldn't you take on whatever enemies are threatening you? I mean how, in a real war, do you get to pick and choose whom you fight? Could she do that on any real battlefield? Does she think that if she refused to shoot at an enemy, he wouldn't go right on shooting at her? What kind of a conception of "war" and "enemies" does this lady have?

...we, on the famous other hand, seem to have nothing to fear from ANY "enemies"...we're made of such stuff that we don't have to run from anybody or avoid anybody or refuse to engage with anybody...they're too afraid to come to the battlefield....THAT's how you conduct a war....that's how you win one.

...I say it again, we have identified the "enemy" and gone right at his/her jugular. And they are gone and stay away. Maggie, on the contrary, SAYS she has identified her enemies, most often the Qurds and all those "fake" Assyrians who stand in her way...but she has never dared to CONFRONT any Qurds and all she does with her other enemies is BAN and DELETE them! What kind of "confrontation" or "war" is that? And now she's crying that even this is costing her an "outrageous" what use is an "army" like this...what "defense" does it offer..or what "offensive" can it mount when it AVOIDS its enemies?

...the better way is to scare your enemies off...not run from them, while declaring "victory!!!" over your shoulder as you go.


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