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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Sunday, January 25 2009, 10:36:28 (CET)
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One would imagine with all the "proofs" "DNA'S" and all the "heroes" with their "University degrees" they all would have been there to defend the Assyrians. In fact, if Fred Aprim, Jumbalaya or any of them really were so positive about themselves and really cared or loved the ancient Assyrians so much, would they not have been the ones debating this Jewish-American doctor? Of course, they know better and they are not that stupid to go and embarrass themselves in front of an audience and not even have anything to offer. The only thing that the 6 or 7 "Assyrians" were worried about was that they would mention that Assyrians all converted to Christianity as whole which is even more laughable. Where were all the champions at and with all their evidences, why are they so shy and silent?

If they are too shy to come on here and bring their "proof" to silence us, they would definitely not bother with a professor who knows his stuff far better than they do. They play the same game with the "genocide" thing. Whenever they are challenged by real historians, the unbiased ones, they shiver and run. Or they'll accuse them of being Zionists and working against them but even that should be their motivation to stand up to them and refute them. I guess coming on here, writing with capital letters and making accusations about Jews or Zionists makes them feel important. Just like not being able to spell the word "Kurd" makes them wise and brave. The Kurds must be laughing at them, or at least I know I would be laughing at them.


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