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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, June 30 2014, 21:08:11 (UTC)
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...with our faces being pressed against the glass with this terrorism bull and how Islam "was always violent" and how, "they are out to get us"'s good to step back from the clatter and yammer and remember how this all started.

At no time can the West point to a time when Islam came gunning for fact it is Christians who've been the kings of murder and theft...and the real terror started with the murder of millions of Jews and then the placing of a portion of them in Palestine and proceeding to terrorize those people for fifty years and more, not to mention all the other meddling by the West, which finally gave birth to a backlash...and you have to admit Muslims were far more patient than Christians ever were...and have taken far more abuse and for longer...and that is at the core of Muslim anger; not just what has been done by the West over oil but placing Israel there and having it disrupt the region for decades now, heaping injustice after injustice on those innocent people....we have sown this our own actions and constant meddling we have driven a group of Muslims to desperation and the point where they are willing to fight back.....if we are really as afraid as we pretend to be we would work at righting the wrongs of the Palestinian people and pulling the fangs of the Israelis...that is the road to peace, not "fighting terrorism" because we increase our enemies the more we fight this unjust war.

This too is a war we won't win....that isn't the plan's a war intended to give scoundrels easy access to politics and make billions for a few...that's all it is....we can't win it...ever.

We lost the war in Korea,...we lost the war in Vietnam....we lost the war in Baghdad and we're losing the war in Afghanistan...the only war we've won is the one in Grenada......but that was just PR...these other wars are for LOSING, not winning.....but lord lord how the money does flow from our Treasury and how much is borrowed to pay these warmongers.......!


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