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the ones who blame it on islam
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Wednesday, March 2 2016, 12:03:52 (UTC)
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It goes like this with these people and they're almost always Christian, white and right wing: when anyone who happens to be Muslim shoot or kill someone, the religion is blamed for it. When a black man does something, his entire black race is blamed. When a white man murders children in school or shoots his own pastor, he's just a crazy individual. His race and religion is never mentioned. The latest hero that we have here claims Islam is violent from the nature while Christianity is not. This is same as saying black people are bad by nature and white people are not. I mean one has to ignore and basically live under a rock to say whatthis cocksucker says unless of course just a racist which he is anyway and ignorant of Islam.

This game is far too typical from white racists and Christians. It's not shocking and I always love when they have to mention that they're not Christian, which they always are. If I were Muslim, I would proudly say it but it's not about liking Islam, I actually hate it for that matter but it was a part of me and I know more about it than this cocksucker will ever know. I don't have to like it but I don't have to be prejudice either. Is it silly? Of course just like Christianity, Greek mythology and any religion because they come from the assholes of humans but I can't blame Muslims who fight back on Islam.

Someone harms me, I'm gonna demolish him regardless of what religion I follow. But even if we agree that Christianity is peaceful, which it's not as we know from the mouth of Jesus himself in the bible, then how does one still explain all the things Christians do? If it's peaceful, why the Roman empire accepted it and continued to be violent and then became intolerant of other faiths? If it's peaceful, why hasn't it stopped Christian from doing bad things? Religion can be used in so many ways but these people fail to see that just as black people are always at fault and so were jews and now Muslims.

These silly claims against Islam are not logical nor based on facts. They're prejudiced and made by racists, who also happen to be christians and they hate people who are different. The more you deny your christianity out of shame, the more I kick your Christian ass until you get enough. I will drill you and drill you as long as you want. So go ahead and bring your proof. This forum is open and not censored like the forums you're used to hiding on.


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