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=> the ultimate insult...America takes credit for democracy moves

the ultimate insult...America takes credit for democracy moves
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, March 13 2011, 0:57:43 (UTC)
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CAIRO Hosni Mubarak's woes could be traced back to Egypt's 2005 election, when an army of tech-savvy poll watchers, with a little help from foreign friends, exposed the president's customary "landslide" vote as an autocrat's fraud.

In nearby Jordan, too, an outside assist on election day 2007 helped put that kingdom's undemocratic political structure in a harsh spotlight and the king in a bind.

And when 2011's winter of discontent exploded into a pro-democracy storm in Tunisia and then Egypt, opposition activist Bilal Diab broke away from his six-month "young leaders school" and its imported instructors, and put his new skills to use among the protest tents of Cairo's Tahrir Square.

"It helped us organize the revolution," Diab, 23, said of his made-in-America training.

....right. bet. The guy is made in America all right.


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