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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, November 19 2008, 0:18:43 (CET)
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*** There is tons of evidence linking us to our Assyrian ancestors Mr. Baba.

...whenever people say this we should ask them to at least give us one ton of the evidence, out of "tons"....there aren't even a few ounces offered. And it's always like this.

Perhaps you are lacking knowledge and education in history, which will not be remedied by a few replies here.

..again, these people rely on
a. what their parents told them
b. what their priests told them
c. anything an Assyriologist said about the ancients.

The problem with all these sources is that none of them are actual historians...and certainly not modern historians of the Middle East. In fact there is ONE such expert..and that's Dr Joseph. There are others, of course...but he is one of us. The other "experts" they cite are linguists, doctors, anthropologists...once again, all of them NOT historians!

It is not enough to "read" history on your own..or select which books you like and which you don't. This is NOT how historians get their credentials...students of history, especially in upper division and graduate school do not simply "read what they like"...they are TOLD what to read and are TOLD to assess, comment on, critique and RESEARCH what they read...and their work is reviewed by experts far more knowledgeable than they are.
What these people call "history", isn't.

Do us all a favor, find yourself and your true identity and do not waste our time in engaging us in useless debates about who we are and where we came from.

..the debate is not useless at is precise and definite and backed by REAL history.

Of course, you can believe what ever suits you at this moment and whatever national identity satisfies your fancy, but do not permit yourself to include us in your little “we”.

..and this is exactly how THESE people "chose" an identity.

“We speak Aramaic, yes, but I do not think there is solid proof of that which is stated in the subject field.”

*** Our language is called Assyrian and for your information,

...exactly! It is CALLED "Assyrian"...but it is NOT. It is the language of the Arameans, not the Assyrians. Germans can speck French...that doesn't make the French language into the GERMAN language.

language is not the only indicator of a nation’s identity and its link to its ancestors. You may want to also consider, history, culture, literature, race, faith and many other indicators.

..then CONSIDER it! Go ahead...give us YOUR're the ones who say there is TONS of evidence....where is it? What are the SOURCES? Who are the people and books making these statements? Who, besides Aprim and other NON-histporians.

“I have a question that I do not know the answer to. The question is, when did we, as a nation, start calling ourselves "Assyrian” Was it after the archeological findings made in the 1800's? Due to the fact they we speak a modern dialect of the ancient writings? “

*** I had to read this statement a few times because I can’t believe how someone, anyone could ask such a ridiculous question! Read what you wrote for God sake! YOU read what you the following, for instance....

"If those archeological findings were not of Assyrians, how could we start calling ourselves Assyrians after “their finding”? Furthermore,"

...huh? The discoveries were of ANCIENT Assyrians.....what does that have to do with YOU? You people were flattered to hear yourselves praised and held up by Europeans and so you took over the identity THEY stuck onto you...also in the vain hope that you could fool someone intoi giving you back "your" lands...a sad ploy that is laughable.

Before those discoveries YOU never called yourselves Assyrians...only Nestorians or Jacobites. WE ALWAYS called ourselves Suyraye, NEVER Ashuraye...not until AFTER the discoveries.

if those archeological findings were of the Assyrian nation, doesn’t that prove that Assyrians existed long before those findings after the

...what are you talking about? That was the ANCIENT Assyrian nation...just because YOU were born on the ancient lands of the Assyrians does not make YOU a descended of the ancient YOU read what you write? mean to tell me that if you move to China 300 years ago, or 1000 years ago, your children will become ethnic MONGOLIANS?????? If you're born on the "lands of the Navajo people"...YOU become an ethnic member of the Navajo people????

...some of us were born in the LAND ONCE CALLED ASSYRIA...that doers not make US "Assyrians"...silly.


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