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the wages of sin....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, July 4 2011, 16:27:35 (UTC)
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Posted By: Real McCoy
Date: Monday, 4 July 2011, at 12:39 a.m.

Arent you guys living in a free country or freedom of speach?
Do you have to deleted one my messages to Kizma Dr Simon? Is that because I didn't agree with something he said about AUA?


Why me??

...why indeed? But it turns out he was mistaken, as he readily admits....his post was there all along....but it's interesting that he immediately assumed that his post, as it turned out a most inoffensive one too, had been deleted...even though it was completely bland and non-threatening. He didn't once suspect that his computer was at fault, or himself. That tells me that everyone over there knows full well that banning and deleting is going on and never know when it will be used against them. the one site where you never have to fear that your post has been removed, altered or banned? Yup....this one. And yet, as "Andy" pointed out to Freddie, "no one writes over there"'s interesting when you consider how many of these heroes disagree violently with us, their "enemies" and the enemies of Assyria. It seems to me that when you're given free access to your enemies and encouraged to take your best shot and keep firing, you refuse because your enemy is "rude"...well, he IS your ENEMY after all, isn't he? Isn't that what you all SAY? Since when does your enemy have to be polite before you'll go to war with him...fer chrissakes??!!


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