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there is no Al Qaida...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, December 29 2007, 2:01:33 (CET)
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...there never was. It's a CIA or National Security Council scam. makes sense that way...not the other. It's a useful device for terrorizing Christians make them believe they have a real reason to fear and hate Islam...they can't very well use the same flimsy excuse of "killing Christ" they levelled at Jews for centuries.

...surprise! It turns out that Al Qaida killed Bhutto...if anything goes wrong in your life, think Al Qaida. If our government rides us to the poor house, blame it on Al Qaida, because our government will. Everything that needs a devil will be supplied with an Al horns and red underwear...spiked tail and all. You'd think we'd learn one of these days.

..there are several groups, like Balckwater and other Christian mercenaries doing what we accuse an Al Qaida of isn't the Muslims who have an Al's the Christians. It's the old thing they do of smearing others with their crimes...what's Blackwater but a Christian Al Qaida? It operates just as we accuse an Al Qaida of operating.

That's the reason those torture tapes were destroyed; because it would be obvious to anyone viewing them that torture was used to extract "proof" that an Al Qaida exists.



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