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thoughts on Israel...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, July 27 2013, 6:30:52 (UTC)
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Website title:'s amazing how fast someone throws back..."are you saying we did something to deserve attack on 9/11"? when you make the slightest comment that perhaps the dire straits we find ourselves in are mostly, if not totally, of our own making...they won't even tolerate a discussion...just want to shut it down before it goes anywhere near the truth...which is that "YES...the United States did a LOT to bring about the present state of affairs"....

Bill Maher and every "liberal" is lamenting that the modern security state is a "necessity, forced on us by the reality we live today..." Really, what reality? What part of reality shows us Muslims attacking the United States for centuries past? What reality shows Islam to be violent? Is that like Trayvon martin was "violent" because he dared turn and face his stalker and eventual murderer...or makes a woman scratch a rapist eyes out? THAT kind of "violence?

It's incredible how quickly Jews forgave Christians for 1000 years of genocide and the Holocaust...amazing how they vented their anger on Muslims instead....because Muslims are mopre tolerant and peaceful. Sure, what could Jews do against all Europe and America too? but that still doesn't change the fact that the Christians, not the Muslims, have been their mortal enemies and still are.

For as willing and even eager as even liberal A,ericans seem to be to give up civil liberties, you'd think they'd ask if it was inevitable, if it HAD to be our new reality...but they won't///because then some will say, "are you saying WE did anything...?

Just like the assyrians who want to blame everyone else for their plight, except those directly that famous cartoon character said.."we have met the enemy, and it is US"!


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