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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, December 23 2007, 6:52:50 (CET)
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It's the fault of European nations and America that nuclear weapons exist...the Nazis started it and came close to developing them but the Americans beat them to it...then the Soviets followed. In all that time Muslim nations had no desire for them.

America, a "peace-loving" Christian nation not a "violent" Muslim one, is the only nation so far to have dropped atom bombs on civilians...twice. Other Christian nations have been developing and testing preparation for what? Peace? Or subjugation?

Christians who couldn't murder, cook and eat Jews fast enough were pleased to steal land from a Muslim country to solve their "Jewish Problem". Naturally this made Muslims angry...let the Christians give them Christian nations since the Christians murdered them...a reasonable attitude. Instead the hostility of surrounding Muslims at this gross injustice, an extension of the injustice of the Holocaust that led to it, became the excuse for giving the Israelis nuclear weapons...received from America..the nation that has used them twice....understandably Muslims did not see this as a way to ensure peace in the region.

Iraq had no nuclear weapons and look what's happening to it...North Korea has them and no matter what, the United States dares do nothing...

Iran has learned the lesson well...have atom bombs=peace. Don't have them="liberation"/murder/occupation.

Iran is well within its rights but more than that; common sense, based on American policy, dictates their move. Iran must have nuclear weapons...if that bothers people then let them blame the Christians which first developed these weapons and not the smaller and weaker nations who never wanted such things until Christian agression forced them to invest.

The biggest mistaks Iran will make is to agree to weapons inspections by the UN. The UN is presenting itself as what it once might have appeared to be; an international referee....but the United States has bought and paid for the UN and now it serves as a cover for American/Christian policy. If inspectoRs are allowed inTO Iran the Americans will begin the same game they played with Saddam, asking Iranians to show them weapons which don't exist, and use that as "proof that the Iranians are not cooperating". Iran should know the game bY now and refuse to play from the start...again, it isn't Iran's's America's because they misused and prostituted legitimate UN functions to drumbeat us into war. If the Un has lost credibility with Muslims, as it should, it isn't their fault. Inspectors will be used and manipulated, as they were in Iraq, to make it appear that the Iranians are being evasive or dishonest or minipulative, when it will be the United States doing these's best they just refuse to play and at least suffer the consequences which will come from that without having provided the rope for their own hanging.


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