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=> time to end the wars...enough has been made, for now.

time to end the wars...enough has been made, for now.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, June 22 2011, 15:24:38 (UTC)
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...all this desire to end the wars and "save money" we don;t have anyway is motivated by nothing more than economics...if we could afford to borrow more money we would continue...but, as with the Vietnam War and even Korea, the first wars fought purely as business, the Treasury eventually gets emptied so the country needs time to build its reserves back up until we have a "surplus" at which time the warmongers will identify a new threat, after have labored in the off-years to create one...and we'll vote them the billions and trillions all over again and drive ourselves broke once again....

...I heard a newly-minted "Dove" say that we ought to stop spending our billions over there and spend them over HERE instead....the truth is that we spend next to NOTHING "over there"...all those billions and trillions are spent right HERE in the form of corporate welfare to's being spent here all along the only thing is that it's going to a few good warmongers and not to the rest of us.'s ALL spent over here....that's the whole point.

They say "let's fight them over there so we don;t have to fight them over here"...well, the economic side to that is "let's spend it over here, but let's spend it on the wealthy".


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