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=> tortured white kid....

tortured white kid....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, January 6 2017, 18:13:20 (UTC)
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Website title: was a terrible thing....but, you can understand the frustrated rage, especially these days...but even before, Blacks have that much more reason for anger against whites than whites had against Iraqis, who did nothing to them, nothing at all....but it didn't matter.

...whites have no valid excuse for their anger and centuries torture of Black Americans....nothing except their skin color and their own bugaboos about Blacks dating their daughters etc. Blacks built the wealth of this country, fought for the country, brought honor and pride to the country yet they are still treated miserably....

...even picking on a weak white kid was symbolic of the weakness of Blacks in the face of white white guy never went out alone to lynch a Black...he always had crowds with let's not hear about "cowardice" now, only as applied to these Black kids....whites are still way up on the violence done to Blacks, and it wasn't done by white kids alone, or the dregs of society but by the well respected adults, professionals and wealthy people who made up a goodly part of the three million KKK members in the 20s...including politicians....

...again it's a matter of false-equivalency...yes, what the Black kids did was horrible but it pales in comparison to what whites did to Blacks and are still doing and will feel justified now in doing more of.


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