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trickling up....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, June 3 2014, 17:16:23 (UTC)
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...that's what wealth always goes UP from the bottom, not down from the top.....since time began the wealthy took their wealth from the poor....the French aristocrats got their money by selling the labor of their peasants...and like today the wealthy gambled their time away, the French in salons and chic spas, the CEOs of today on the stock market....when American Airlines, or any other corporation, raises it s rates because it wants more money, it gets that money from down below, from you and me....and that's what's been happening, with a vengeance, for the past 40 years or so.

There is less and less manufacturing going on in America these days....and there are less and less people able to buy "stuff" which kept those old jobs going as people got work making all that "stuff"...but, making stuff isn't where the money is any longer, certainly not stuff made in the USA...gambling and finance is where the big bucks are, and war, of course, always war....

Wealthy people no longer need us to work their factories and we get poorer and poorer....and faster and faster as companies charge more for the products made somewhere or other....they get all that money from US, down below...that's how they "make" money...and we still think that's perfectly okay, and look at us...afraid to drive anywhere because we can't afford gas, or vacations, or even just time off...and it serves us right....we bought their "line"...we willingly stepped INTO their Fascist one had to drag us.


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