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vote for Palin...seriously.
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, March 11 2011, 15:48:12 (UTC)
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Take a look at what is happening in Wisconsin and other states where Republican governors and legislatures are showing their hand, clearly and out in the open....there is rebellion brewing, which never would have happened had whimpy Democrats been elected....nothing has galvanized the American Middle Class, woke them up and got them into the street like Republicans...nothing any Democrat could have done or said could have aroused them as much as whet Republicans's the old truth about what matters is what people DO, not what they say.

This has been Obama's curse, to us....his job, his ideas about how to get re-elected all have to do with slowing down Republican outrages, not confronting them. The Repubs want to take $100 away from you, Obama cuts it down to $50.00 and while we, like the dummies we've been for 30 years, cheer about this "victory"....the Repubs get what they really expected to get away with.

$50.00 is all the Repubs were after from the start...but if they had SAID that, Obama would have cut it to $25.00. So they demanded $100, knowing they could count on Obama, on "moderates" to do their work for them, and get them what they really wanted all along....$50.00.

Obama and the Democrats, not even the aroused ones, can regain liberty and democracy and a Middle Class for us...they can't do it. All they can do is slow down the Repub/Corporate steam roller.....we don't need concessions or half-measures...they only drag out the agony. This battle has been on since Reagan fired striking air traffic controllers only we were too silly and busy dancing ans dining to see it coming.

In fact, Obama may have been the Repub Dark Horse all along. I mean Bush fucked up SO badly that this racist country would not elect another white man! Not right after....instead we got a mulatto house NEEGROW who at best has managed to stem the worst Repub abuses, stuff they never expected to get away with anyway, which made him look like our Savior, our Great Black Hope...while placing the seal of approval on a whole lot of illegal and objectionable Repub policies that they DID want...and now, have.....they put a Democrat to work insitutionalizing and "normalizing" their abuses of power and government.

And, they are now working at wrecking the economy so they can use that against Obama in people will want a "change".

That's why I say if we want real change, like seems to be happening in Wisconsin and elsewhere, we have to vote Sarah Palin into power...corporate interests have bought enough Democracts to make it a sure thing that they will "protect" us not at all....but will continue the Repb Radical agenda, only at a slower, more acceptable proctologist ever shoves his entire, cold, fist up your ass without warning...he wears a glove,he lubes his fingers and gently inserts...that's what Repubs use Democracts for....that's what Obama has been: the lead middle finger of the White Republican doctor bending you over.

And I want that doctor to be Sarah Palin cause she'll use her entire foot...boot and all! So maybe we'll feel outrage....or something.


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