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=> watching Conservative talking heads....

watching Conservative talking heads....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, October 29 2011, 16:00:44 (UTC)
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...Ron Christie is especially irritating...another Black man who actually thinks he stops being black when he kisses white ass.....I know what he would say, "it's racist for you to explain me,a Black man's, behavior". No it isn''s well-attested to throughout history that people who have been taught to hate themselves are the first to kiss the ass of those who did the teaching, if they are allowed...and right now the Right LOVES conservative Blacks....and Christie has NEVER been loved for being Black, least of all by his mother, I would guess. It's such a new feeling it seduces him utterly.

...Christie was blabbering on Maher's show. I was struck by how little time and effort it takes to articulate the Progressive point of view, mostly because things are so bad and so UN-progressive. I mean it takes no time or effort to show that things are rather unfair economically...or how we got here. A minute will do. But you really have to twist and turn and torture the language to prove that things are good, or that more of the same will make them so.

Christie's points takes much longer to spell out because it requires a lot of twists and turns and pointless points as well as cliches, all required to pull the wool over our eyes. It takes no time or rhetorical skill to convince me that my feet are on fire...I will "get it" rather quickly. But if you want to convince me they aren't on fire, when you and I can smell the burning flesh and I can feel the pain, takes a lot of time and a lot of verbal maneuvering.

These people are so irritating because half of what they say is outright lies but there's no time to catch them on all of it on a two minute rant where these days everybody is shouting and talking over each other. They walk away SEEMING to have made sense and leaving confusion behind. Given enough time you could easily destroy their points one by one....but no one gives that much time and they would refuse to show up if they knew there was going to be enough time....they only agree when they know they can spit out their Think Tank talking points...and then slither away, quickly before being exposed.


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