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=> we have not been made "secure"....

we have not been made "secure"....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, December 31 2016, 20:56:25 (UTC)
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...our actions have made us more and more insecure and will continue to do so...but, there is more money in "protection" than anything else.

In cities across America people are having their belongings searched, they are being recorded, there are police and barricades everywhere and this is supposed to reassure usevery German has the opposite effect....we are more and more insecure and all we know to do is lash out with the result that more people hate us and want to do us harm.

We are in love the police and were Germans. They too thought their army was going to secure their lives and prosperity but they made themselves so odious to the rest of the world that people fought them with their teeth if they had to and underground fighters sprang up everywhere they went to fight and fight and never quit...eventually those military heroes of Germany were the cause that every German mother and sister and wife was raped and raped again, the cities destroyed and the country occupied and split in two...turns out those "heroes" were the worst thing to ever happen to Germany.

We are headed down the same path because we are the same people....the same Christians only now it's Muslims where before it was Jews...but, there millions more Muslims than there were Jews...and more ways to fight back.

We did it to ourselves...Islam didn't come gunning for us, we've been gunning them down for decades if not a couple of centuries.


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