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what a great time to be alive...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, June 17 2011, 16:35:00 (UTC)
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...screw peace and love and the summer of love and all the rest of it...the 50s, and Beatniks, Hippies and anti-war movements...the time to be alive is today when the economic bamboozle which has enslaved the world is collapsing with no rescue in sight...we can't even declare a war to create public-sector war-jobs as saved us during the Great Depression....and the reason is simple: all money comes from DEBT...all money is created by private bankers who loan it to governments and the interest to pay back those accumulating loans must be taken from the was always only a matter of time...made worse because one of the ways of making money of late has not been by innovation in products and manufacturing, but through cutting back salaries and benefits until no one has the money to BUY the crap we spend our lives creating...that and selling off a nation's assets. stripping it bare just as became another popular way to make money.

..there isn't enough money to pay back the interest, and yet the only way to GET new money is to borrow yet again...the circle is closing in on it has done in the past for Third-World countries...only this time it's happening to the rest of it was bound to do.

There is no fix, there is no way gold standard, no silver standard and no oil or cheese standard will help because all the money STILL comes from private banks in the form of loans, which can never be paid back and on which not even the interest can be's really rather simple and the real solution is very simple also, as well as elegant: we, the people through our government, when it becomes OUR government and not a government of bankers, must print our own money, and the guiding principle must not ever again be, "how many zillionaires can a system create" but rather "how well off can the poorest of us AFFORD to be, given the planet's limited resources etc."

They're desperately trying to "save" Greece...well, these people NEVER saved anybody...what they're trying to do is continue SQUEEZING the people of Greece for a little longer...that's all. And they may even succeed, but only at the cost of making ridiculous terms whose only purpose is to keep the shell-game going a little longer...but there is no way out using the old methods which got us here, which would inevitably have gotten us here, as even the bankers knew all along..and which they intended from the very beginning....because on the way to "losing" their initial loans, they gained so much fucking MORE in interest payments...which was the whole point all along!

They loaned a billion but got back ten billion in interest that profit rate who gives a fuck if you EVER get back your initial loan?

A great time to be alive and watch all this....even if it hurts a was already hurting when it was "succeeding".


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