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what all this explains....
Posted by atheist (Guest) - Thursday, July 29 2010, 15:15:42 (UTC)
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Website title: how particular criminals work, Asian, European, American etc. Iīm talking about the CRIME, not how particular gangsters operate. The crime is allowing private banks to issue debt to governments as the only way those governments can GET money to begin with...which then forces governments to tax citizens to pay the interest on government interest that CAN only grow and one in their right minds, including the bankers, expects or even WANTS the principal paid off...why?

If I have 100 billion sitting in the bank, or under my bed, what good does it do me? I can spend it down, but there it goes, eventually. Far better to loan it to some shmuck...especially when itīs a government shmuck who can gaurantee regular interest payments....that way I still have my billions AND I gain millions every day in interest.

That is the crime...that and "fractional reserve lending" which is nothing more than legal counterfitting....all of these schemes were thought up by bankers and have enslaved entire countries...because eventaully no one can afford the interest payments.

Itīs the crime that needs to be addressed....and the old bugaboo about how a government, which is nothing more than the People, will behave irresponsibly but private bankers wonīt...even though they are only looking out for their own interests, is trotted out to scare us every time we catch the banks at it stands now no one can touch the Fed president..he doesnīt answer to anyone, not the President not Congress...and in his hands and his alone lies our economic and other least if the government printed the money we could get at the bastards, directly...this is supposed to be a democracy, right?

And, ultimately, the US Constitution MANDATES that Congess shall "coin money"...which doesnīt mean make COINS only! It means make ALL the money. Sure, there would still be all kinds of problems, and new ones is all about problems and how to solve them...and right now we have this big problem to solve of how we get control over OUR money we value it and for WHOM all this done. Right now itīs done for the benefit of private bankers alone with the rest of us eating their crumbs....that has to change for starters...and then we can deal with a whole new set of "problems"...only this time, wee the people, will control the pursestrings, and if we damn ourselves at least it will be BY ourselves.


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