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what happened in germany....
Posted by atheist (Guest) - Thursday, July 29 2010, 14:58:04 (UTC)
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...was not just the result of printing was a direct result of war fact Hitler created all that industrial and military wealth by printing his own money....FDR did the same only he made the mistake of borrowing from private banks...he should have simply printed the money himself, like Lincoln did, and saved us further debt. it is now private bankers print whatever they want whenever they want and manipulate the system to their own ends...let us learn from then only print it to suit ourselves...there is no inflation at all so long as good and services eat up the printed is only whne money is manipúlated, when money is to work, instead of people, and only to make more money with no increase in goods or services or any other benefit to the people at large that we get exactly what we have now....the Market is a casino...nothing more than a ponzi scheme....any money that is made is not made from an increase in manufacturing or other business is merely made by betting, either for stocks to rise or fall...and so you need constantly to attract new money, just like you have to with a pyramid scheme...and when new suckers can´t be found the whole thing collapses...the Market stopped rewarding prudent investment long ago,,,,just as with banks the real money is to be made from betting, and from fixing the game, not from loaning money to some shmuck to start a business..that takes way too long.

In short, we have people now printing up as much money as they want...the problem is that it´s the wrong people....bankers. The US Constitution made no mention of bankers or of going into debt just to have a government....

yes we can print all the money we need to keep people fed and clothed and long as there are workers to do the work, and there are..and enough resources...which we could easily, and wisely, administer..if our aim was to secure the general welfare and happiness of set up now this system works for a small class of super-wealthy..just because the restof us catch a few crumbs or are allowed to enter that class, if we´re unluckey, doesn´t mean this is the way it has to be...far from it.


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