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what is Fascism....REALLY?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, March 18 2011, 0:52:11 (UTC)
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Website title: isn't White or can be Black, Chinese, has nothing to do with marching, military bands, goose-stepping or racial other words: all the things we learned from movies and books and history class are NOT Fascism, not any more, not today...not its heart and black soul...those are details, questions of style and mostly just the first, dated, infant steps.

Fascism is government by the corporate wealthy...period. But, it's not so simple. In them olden days of aristocracy and monarchy and Lords and Dukes you also had government by the wealthy corporate types, but that was before Democracy...that was just plain, old-fashioned strong-arm rule...under monarchy, aristocracy, feudalism etc. you can't have Fascism, by definition. Fascism isn't ONLY rule by the corporate elites, to be Fascism there has to be DEMOCRACY and Liberalism in place first...there has to be, because it's HOW the Fascists take power that counts and not that they HAVE power....because the mechanisms by which they get this power, especially over a supposedly "free" electorate that has "choice" determines how weel and how long they KEEP that power...and the best way to keep it longest and get it is to do it THROUGH "open" democracy and Liberalism.

There has to be the political philosophy that says something noble-sounding but stupid such as, "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"...that's right up there with, "slap me on the cheek and I'll turn the other so you can slap that too"...what every bully loves to hear. Democracy and Liberalism is the petrie dish that allows Fascism to spawn and ferment...we have to have a government that protects the rights of Fascists to ruin our Democracy and Liberalism...that's required in order for there to BE modern-day Fascism...that way we can't blame the Fascists, because we're "free" ain't we? Like they keep reminding us, the Germans VOTED for Hitler. Had he not been such a clown he might have held power longer.

The challenge, and the fun for Fascists, is "how do you get people, common ordinary citizens without a pot to piss in, to VOTE for Fascism"? That's the dilemma, that's the challenge, that's the fun...that's why Karl Rove is always smiling...he's loving Fascism as it was meant to be loved....Goebbels understood it too but he was a pioneer and therefore a little clumsy and crude.

Notice how folksy our last few presidents have been? Clinton, Bush, Obama? They're guys you want to have a beer with and football...not a Hitler among them...not a nasty bone in their bodies...of course that's because they don't run the show...they're just the mascots and mascots are always cute and cuddly....the murder is done behind the the case of modern Fascism that murder consists of killing the souls of children...THAT'S how you do it...not by killing their parents or waiting till they're grown and then putting them into camps....

In this regard Obama is the worst of all the Fascism-facilitators we've had. His greatest asset is that he's half Afro-American, and next, that he's so "intelligent" and "speaks so well"...that's like Powell, and Gonzalez and all the women in power too...they give the false notion that real change has taken place...surely a Black man, or a woman, will identify with, will know what it means to be disenfranchised. If you're a real dummy you'd expect Civil Rights for Blacks to be at the fore with an Obama administration....would it surprise anyone, should it surprise anyone to know that the Obama presidency has been one of the worst times for Civil Rights? For Blacks especially...why? Because he dasn't dare DO anything for Blacks...and you know why. So, if you were behind the scenes and afraid of Black anger and Black legal challenges, you'd want to put a Black man up there in wouldn't have to TELL him, "cut back on this Black equality shit"...he'd do it all on his own, cause he ain't stupid....and we all know how SMART Obama is. Same with a woman in power....are women getting too close to the ERA, or equal pay....put a woman in charge...first off every woman will pee with delight and that powerful woman will know better than to do anything that even comes close to looking like she was an actual woman, advancing women's rights...hell no...the white Fascist has figured out just who to tap in order to advance the fascist agenda..."get the most non-Fascist LOOKING person you can find and let nature and self-interest take its course.

Remember David Duke?

Fascism grows as Democracy grows, it has to...for one thing the challenge is how to get elected, because this is, after all, a democracy...and the challenge is that there are so few of them and so many of, how do you get voters in a democracy to vote AGAINST their own interests, there's the fun. If there was no democracy it would be boring...just strong-arm tactics and a depressed population with the chance that they might blow one day...but, give them a democracy give them the vote, give them "choice"...and then subvert them without them knowing it, and who can they blame?

Fascism requires a democracy or it can't be as free as it needs to be to spread its books and schools and through the Media and advertising...these things have to be in place before a Fascist can shine in all his and her true splendor. Democracy is the mothers-milk of Fascism, of corporate take-overs and and wild-eyed common folk shouting for more of this "freedom" for the uber-rich, and more "security" for them.


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