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what is Israel.....reallly?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, March 8 2011, 13:54:49 (UTC)
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Website title:'s a European colony...created in a time when all other colonies had been thrown over, or were soon to be. A colony made up of Europeans who put the indigenous populations either to work, flight or in their graves. It is a colony made up of European Jews escaping religious persecution of a barbaric, technological and industrialized strength such as the world had never seen before...

...In this the Euro Jews were no different from a previous group of religiously persecuted colonists who fled Europe centuries earlier to settle another wild and hostile place...America...and these colonists also either incorporated indigenous peoples, put them to work, or to flight, or in their graves...apparently Europe has not been the most tolerant of places, regularly chasing away its own people because of religious differences.

For all of the fantasized "next year in Jerusalem", no European Jew in his or her right mind ever wanted to leave Berlin for Haifa...not ever. They were always free to go there, provided they could get out of wherever Christian land they were....but there was no mad scramble to regain their "homeland". That drive only came about as a result of Christian pogroms, beginning, in the modern era, in Eastern Europe in the 19th century and culminating after the Holocaust...but still, consider what it took to get the Jews to "go home"...they had to be "murdered" there.

And, no doubt, the Christian mother-countries, all of them soon to crave oil as does any junkie, saw or seized an advantage of having their colonials in and among these oil-rich lands....this one colony could use the cover of religious freedom and a "homeland" as the one, acceptable, viable, and not compromising excuse to create an old-fashioned colony among Arabs sick and tired of Euro colonials....with this pretext, given life by Christian persecution, Europe felt it had the perfect propaganda tool, with which to make their colony of Israel "acceptable to decent folk" around the world.

"Oh NO!" THIS colony had nothing to do with those old, nasty colonies no one wanted or could justify any, THIS colony was all about loving Jews, and saving them, and saying.."see, we really DO want to help you"...but this colony, even more than the 13 American colonies, or any others in history, THIS colony has made more money for its mother country, which is exclusively the United States, than the 13 Colonies EVER made for Great Britain...or any Roman colony ever made for Rome....because this colony produces nothing but the PRETEXT by which those in the mother country can rob their OWN people of their Treasury...this is a whole new kind of colony for the modern the Holocaust was an entirely new kind of pogrom , for the Industrialized Age.

Britain wanted the raw materials of the New World, Africa, India, Asia, you name it, with which it could make products in its own factories and then sell back to its colonials...and they made good money. That was the old way of profiting from colonies.

The United States doesn't want anything from Israel because Israel HAS nothing...we can get oranges from Florida and Latin America and we have plenty of our own sand...and neither does the "promised land of milk honey" have any as a practical, old-fashioned colony, Israel is too would be all these jet planes and bombers and tanks and missiles this mother country manufactures. to profit from this colony? That is the big question...aside from using it as staging ground to keep turmoil raging among the counties who HAVE our oil....hmmmmmm?

GOT IT! Create an unending war in which your "dear Jews", the ones you Christians forced to go live there, can be under "constant threat of attack"...and sell them everything you can think of...and the fact that they themselves have no money to pay for these things is no problem because you'll tug at the heartstrings of your own people so they won't mind paying all this money themselves, paying it to American corporations whose political lackeys make sure to pass whatever legislation is needed and who work behind the scenes to make sure Israel keeps tormenting the your profits flow like the waters of the Jordan.

There had been Jews in Palestine since history could, on its own, there was nothing strange or exotic or even worthy of note in Jews settling in the Holy Land. They were never unwelcome, so long as they came as individuals or even long as they didn't intend on supplanting the indigenous people, killing them, forcing them out and eventually installing their own nation on top of them. Hell, even the Cherokees would have welcomed, and did, European settlers if all they wanted to do was move in and live side by side, as friends and equals. It was this habit of robbing the natives and then taking everything away from them which made the early colonists unwelcome, once the Natives saw their game.

From the Arab viewpoint it doesn't matter who these new colonists were, or what religion they professed...what mattered was that they came with the intention of taking over...and they came from Europe, at a time when Natives all over the world were getting RID of their Colonial had and has nothing to do with Judaism....but with Zionism...which isn't a religion but a Colonial road map...a manual on how to take over someone else's lands which has to include either putting the Natives to work, causing them to run, or killing them,,,,nothing new here, it's all been done before. It is the Christians who use religion to confuse the issue...who play down their own role in forcing this neo-colonialism onto the Jews they didn't manage to kill, and on emphasizing that hatred of Jews is what drives Muslim anger...when it is anger at this latest European Colony that is at the core of the conflict.


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