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what is WRONG with the Idiot Democrats?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, March 18 2011, 12:04:13 (UTC)
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Rachel Maddow pointed out that in a senate race in the last cycle, Democrat Claire McGaskill (may have the name slightly wrong) was able to unseat a Republican, while everywhere else Republicans made great gains....why? Because on the same ballot was a measure to raise the pitiful minimum wage...and as Maddow put it, "economic populism always wins, always. It's the one sure-fire issue for Democrats...if they can remember that they are the party that is supposed to represent those who work for a living...who get the checks and not sign them. Hell, 74% of the votes were FOR raising the minimum wage...that's not just Liberals and Socialists...that's Conservatives and Republicans and Independents...just about every AMERICAN who works for a living is in favor of an increase in the minimum wage.....DUH!!!! With that many voters truning out to vote, not for a senator for the fucking raise in pay, more Democrats came out as well and since they were voting anyway, they voted for the Democrat...and she unseated a sitting Republican...anyone get the message?

If Democrats want to win anywhere, in any election, all they have to do is get a measure raising the minimum wage and they'll attract enough voters, of all stripes to win the other Democratic seats and's a sure-fire why don;t they do it? Why didn't Democrats in EVERY state put a measure on the ballot to raise the minimum wage? Why...because they too feed at the same trough the Republicans do....they too want those corporate big bucks...but they should know by now that the big bucks don't buy them the elections...besides any corporate fat cat is going to give more to the Republican than he tosses at the Democrat.

But, if winning elections and not getting MONEY was the point, Democrats could win every election by simply offering to raise the minimum wage each and every election...oddly enough that could get them MORE fat cat money, in order to buy them out and get them to betray working people yet again...

So, let's not puzzle any longer on why people vote against their own interests...they do so for one big reason, BOTH parties think to advance themselves personally by selling out to the Fat Cats...meaning there is no one to really defend working people...but we know that if a true Democrat, faithful to the working people, wants to win , all he or she has to do is offer to raise the minimum wage...thas all.


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