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what is missing from the debate....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, December 28 2010, 15:15:40 (UTC)
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...saw another Hitchens debate on Iraq and how there are "bad guys" out there and how the U.S. is merely defending itself....much as the Israelis are only defending themselves from those crazed Palestinians who just "hate" Jews.

When America and Hitchens attempt to justify these expanding wars they constantly hark back to 9/11 as the justification for all our actions...imagine if 9/11 was banished from the debate how weird it would be to explain America´s motives and one ever discusses the wars in Iraq, Afghnistan, Pakistan, Yemen and our right to assassinate anyone we want to WITHOUT rasing the holy grail of 9/11.

And yet the exact opposite persists where Muslims are concerned...where the debate is about Muslims and why they have decided to behave as they do, the illegally imposed state of Israel and the 35 year occupation of the West Bank is NEVER mentioned, isn´t even allowed into the discussion...if a Muslim raises it he is immediately called a Jew-Hater.

Imagine if every time 9/11 was brought up the discussion came to an end with Muslims shaking their heads and saying that has nothing to do with anything.

It´s very easy to explain why Muslims have became "like that"...why the more determined among them have decided to fight back, at all costs...why it is that Hitchens seems to have so many "facts" at hand about Muslim "terrorirm"...after all, the entire world KNOWS what America´s justification is...9/11. And yet the incident which began the anger towards the West can NEVER be mentioned...leaving the Muslim fighters to look, we hope, as if they are just nuts and crazies who just want to blow children up...and even there, if we take a tally we´ll find that Christians and Israelis have blown up and otherwise disposed of far more Muslim children than suicide bombers ever have of Christian or Jewish children...or could.

Israeli occupation, never mind the creation of the state of Israel, and all that Israel does, at OUR instigation, not theirs, is not allowed into the discussion...which presents the "cock-eyed" view of Muslim behavior, as it would of our behavior if 9/11 was NEVER mentioned or allowed. We´d look like crazies then...even more than we are.

And so Hitchens runs through a list of "crazed" Muslims who mean to us harm as if there was no possibility of discovering WHY they all of a sudden began behaving in these ways....and so it appears, to him and his audience, like Msulims are just "like that"..for no good reason or any reason...and so long as the state of Israel is kept out of the discussion it can APPEAR that way.

A guy who refuses to believe in God should be a little more skeptical of god-like humans who give themselves permission to attack and murder innocents and them frame the argument to make it appear they were merely defending themselves.


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