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=> what we can agree on....

what we can agree on....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, September 16 2010, 17:24:09 (UTC)
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...I think.

a. Christians and Muslims were murdered during, before and after the First World War.

b. Christian sites do not mention the hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed by Christians, but those who refute claims of genocide mention ALL victims.

c. Such statements as "round them up and kill or deport them", when lifted out of context may not reveal that Turkish officials were referring only to those Christians who were either actively in rebellion or were feared to be considering it...and from those districts too vulnerable and exposed to allow the luxury of determining which is time or luxury because the Christians were ATTACKING.

d. There is not a single, valid, clear and direct order stated anywhere that specifically says,"round up every Christian you can find and kill them all"...or even, "deport them all"...or even "close all their churches down!" etc.

e. If this had been a true case of gencocide this would not have been the case....and that the vast majority of Christians and other minorities went on with their lives unmolested by any round-up, death marches or concentration camps, again; hardly normal for genocides.

f. That Christian attempts to smear Muslims with their own crimes are highly suspect for that reason alone, especially in light of all they are doing now to achieve same.

d. That the term "genocide" did not even exist when the Turks are accused of having engaged in one...that the term was invented in the 40s for the specific reason that no word in the English language EXISTED till then to describe what Christians had just done to Jews.

f. Finally, that in any civilized society the accused are presumed innocent until proven otherwise...that it is the job of the Christians to prove, by which we mean actual proof, hard eveidence etc. that the Turks committed genocide, and not their job to prove they didn´t.

g. one more...that the existence of dead Christians does NOT mean that a genocide took there are lots of ways for Christians to die, as by starvation, disease and by the hand of other Christians (this wouldn´t be the first time in history that Christian killed Christian).

....that ought to do it.

We´re open to being challenged on any of these points...but not by opinion alone...not unless it is buttressed by solid argument and facts, where obtainable...and please, no missionary positions on this one...we refuse to be fucked over by them again.


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