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=> when Maher criticizes "liberals" for sidestepping...

when Maher criticizes "liberals" for sidestepping...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, October 12 2014, 0:01:21 (UTC)
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...."the awful truth of Islam" he misses the point. I'm not liberal...but I'd be happy to discuss Islam any way one wants...what I refuse to do is explain away the righteous wrath and pain of people we have hurt, by saying it is their religion which makes them resent us so and then and finally, lift their arms against us.

I'm not avoiding a discussion about Islam...I'm saying it is irrelevant to the issue at hand which, for Maher, is his fears of what Muslims are capable of doing in retaliation, once roused. The issue is why do they do these things, and to fob it off on their religion is a dodge and a great big side-step, on Maher's part.

It's Maher who is avoiding the issue, like any good Liberal....he doesn't want to talk about what we have done to those people and their countries, which is weird because he's astute enough to know what we did was wrong...he just won't give the people he recognizes we wronged the very human desire to retaliate in kind. After all, didn't we SAY we were attacking Iraq for 9/11? How come we can retaliate, and it is never because of OUR religion...but they can't? And if they do, it isn't because of what we did to them, but because of Muhammad

Let's have the discussion about what we've done...the children killed, the illegal attacks, the murderous occupations, the clandestine interference....and THEN let's talk about Islam, Bill.


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