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=> when priests attack....teehee

when priests attack....teehee
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, December 29 2011, 0:06:17 (UTC)
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Just saw a CNN story on a battle royal in Bethlehem, between Armenian and Greek priests....they were sweeping out the Holy Sepulchure where Jesus was supposedly born when two of them started a fight with brooms....the teevee images were priceless....pretty soon 50 black-robed priests are wailing away at each other...brooms flying everywhere....riot police were called out to storm the priests gone wild.

Evagelicals like to say that religion is surging ahead...they say that because almost daily the same mega-crowds flock to a mega-church to hear pretty much the same pitch...but the truth is that all this activity has only come about because religious folk have seen the handwriting....their numbers are down, not up....and like the shysters they are they decided that if they make more noise, even with less dummies will think something new and wonderful is going on...but the opposite is true.

Love them battling priests!


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