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where religion fits in....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, January 28 2017, 16:36:23 (UTC)
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...religion doesn't teach morality, our laws and customs do that. While all religions and peoples have felt free to murder others, no community has ever allowed free-range murder or theft or disrespect for elders and leaders....they simply would not have invention of gods was simply to give civil laws "Higher Authority" news there.

..religion, however, is dangerous because it feeds people lies and gets them to prefer those lies to objective fact, to evidence etc. People are ready, in fact eager, to believe someone walked on water, or believe prayer works, or anything which pleases them about a god "loving" them, even though at times he is hard on them, but that's only because he really loves them...all of which seems harmless enough except you get lots of people preferring what they are told is "good for you" to what the reality is.

...soon enough it won't be just religion they take "on Faith" but politics too, and climate change denial, and "security measures taken to protect YOU"...and jobs and the rest of it...all taken on Faith, like you're supposed to do with Jesus, no matter what..or better yet, IN SPITE of every objective indicator that Jesus or any of that tribe, could give a shit, if they existed at all.

Religion is not "A Good" because to believe it you have suspend human nature, intelligence and the very unique thing we have which bugs don't, and that's our hard won ability to reason things through, mistakes and all...because by using reason and not Faith, you get better and better at it, whereas practicing religion only gets you further from even recognizing, let alone appreciating, the objective Truth needed to survive here on earth.

Yes, people have invented and needed and believed in all manner of nonsense since the beginning and for lots of reasons all having to do with their ignorance and superstition....ok, so maybe we are hard-wired to start out in life slightly stupid...but that's no reason to stay that way, no good reason.


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