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where's the lie?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, July 14 2014, 18:30:07 (UTC)
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...these guys can never SHOW you you lied...they just say it's enough for them to just SAY they are assyrian, no evidence necessary...but, where's my lie? Didn't Arabs like Bethshlimon tell us the war against Iraq would be their "golden opportunity"...that now that Saddam would be removed and the Americans land, things would go great for the assyrians...didn't they? Didn't they say this was their best chance to "get what is coming to us"...and DIDN'T they? Even if it wasn't quite what they imagined, but then they never get the future right...and isn't the main result of this Christian war the reduction in numbers and wealth and the death and displacement of the assyrians of Iraq...isn't it?

Turns out my scenario was the only correct one...what Bethshlimon deals is in fantasy and wish-fulfillment.


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