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=> white man shoots white man.....

white man shoots white man.....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, March 11 2017, 22:53:49 (UTC)
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(CNN)A retired Tampa police captain who shot and killed a man in a movie theater will face a second-degree murder charge after a judge ruled that Florida's controversial "stand your ground" law does not apply in this case.

...the white guy who got shot was texting his daughter's baby sitter....the white guy who shot and killed him, was annoyed, words were exchanged and the old white geezer took out a gun and shot the father dead.

...old white guy's defense is that he was "afraid for his life" didn't work this time because they were both white....we all know what the story would have been if the man killed was that case the judge and almost everyone else who is white or a Tom would have said, "of COURSE the white guy was afraid, and for good reason, cause the texting dad was Black...and you know how violent and murderous those Blacks are."


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