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=> white supremacy....

white supremacy....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Wednesday, December 28 2016, 20:07:09 (UTC)
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...why are its advocates so un-superior?

These are people of low accomplishment who decided that all which really matters in life is not what you achieve, but the skin you were born with and after being born with white skin, you really don´t have to do much else....and, further, that all the achievements of Black people mean nothing when compared to the fact of their Black skin.

Some Florida official was recently fired for send a message calling Michelle Obama an ape in high heels...unfortunately a photo appeared alongside this comment of the white woman who sent it...guess which one look like an ape?

But this white woman felt entitled because of her skin...that´s all it marvellous...for them.

Men are the same way when it comes to oggling or whistling or commenting on a woman´s appearance. The men who most often send catcalls and whistles and make lewd suggestions are an ugly, fat bunch...never mind for they are MEN. That is enough to make them desirable, in their eyes.

Hitler wasn´t a monster whose like never was and never will be again...he was a typcal white Euro Christian inflamed by the stupid Treaty of Versailles....and we should feel free to discuss just how normal he the KKK which should be encouraged to come out into the open...let´s stop pretending these things are unChristian or unAmerican...they are very much so.


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