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who is Bill Warner?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, June 22 2014, 5:27:01 (UTC)
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Aa math professor and psychiatrist, and someone who has "interest" in history of religion, yet Islam is the only one he seems to be focused on. Did a little reaearch on him for a few hours and it was enough to determine that he's one of those which appear on Fox news and is prejudice and definitely not a historian on history of religion. It's just a hobby. As we have said before, no need to ban and delete because they undress themselves on their own and ban themselves just as good little Bobby has done. I guess it was too embarrassing for him to actually bring something from his professor so he gives us a YouTube link. We provide evidence from actual historians and professionals of the proper fields and all of them non Muslims, and they can't even bring one to support them. No wonder we are the only ones who post on this forum. The heroes prefer the ones where you have to register over an easy forum like this one where there is no special information needed and anyone can post.


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