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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, March 14 2011, 13:22:13 (UTC)
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I'd say the last 30 years has been characterized by the notion that the individual is responsible for whatever predicament he or she finds themsellves in...that government plays no part, corporations play no part and if the air and water is being poisoned, that's our fault too because we want jobs and cars and airplanes...this spills over to the prison system too, or what we do with people who don't the guise of personal responsibility we've let all institutions off the hook.

The corporations want more money, always...well, so do the people who work in them and make them run and make the money for their bosses....but it's okay, even expected for corporations to squeeze more profits out any way they can...but there's hardly any way for the workers to get more money...we even convinced women that it was "liberating" to be forced to go to work to support what used to be a one-income family...and then to work two jobs and three when that wasn't enough....meanwhile all the boss had to do was jack his prices and cut your wages and of course, blather about how he was paying too much in taxes.

It's breathtaking how stupid our education system makes normal, rational children, after their parents and the church lend a the point that common folk don't identify with each other but with millionaires...they believe the millionaire''s cry that taxes are ruing the country...which is funny because the whole idea behind taxes is that if we pool our resources together we get a butter price....the millionaire can afford to see public schools die, he sends his kids to private school anyway...but us common folk can hardly afford public school...we're not sending our kids to private schools unless you count all the basement madrassahs the Christians are operating, WITH our tax dollars.

...who says education is failing in the United States? What would this country, or any country, do with an annual crop of bright, critical, knowledgeable, fearless 18 year-olds? On the contrary our system is a roaring success...just look at the Tea Party folk. You think it's easy to make people THIS stupid? I wouldn't know how to begin to do it.


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