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who's the barbarian?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, August 21 2014, 16:06:04 (UTC)
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...the way we have defined Islamic extremists leads us to expect such acts of "barbarism" as a beheading...after all, isn't that JUST what a "terrorist" would do?

Then what do you say about us, about the US? We certainly don't think of ourselves as barbarians...on the contrary, we hold ourselves up as paragons of decency and enlightenment and freedom and the rule of law etc. Then how do we account for OUR barbarism? Where did it come from and why do we exhibit it at all? While everything we think and say about our enemies is consistent with how WE see them, are our actions consistent with our own assessment of who we are? In other words; we EXPECT them to act the way they do because of their pedigree and lineage and yes, even religion...then from where did OUR criminality come from? Aren't we the greater savages for not living up to our estimation of our worth, while our enemies live up to theirs?

Who condemns us and other Christian nations for making war against an innocent people and country, for sinking it into chaos and killing hundreds of thousands of their innocent children? Is a beheading here and there, done by people we EXPECT to do such things really as bad as what we have done? And yet all we say is "mistakes were made"....who calls US savage and ruthless and conniving and we deserve?


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