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=> why reigion is dangerous......

why reigion is dangerous......
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, October 4 2014, 15:56:31 (UTC)
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...and should not be tolerated. Religious folk except the rest of us to respect their feelings and beliefs...they claim they deserve that much, as a matter of common courtesy. But people who believe things on faith, or who claim to get great comfort from their faith and therefore should be left alone are dead wrong.

Religious beliefs are based on teachings which are matter how strongly believed, they are religious person KNOWS his religion is true...he only "feels" it and "thinks" it more than sufficient, especially if he derives comfort and security from a child does from her blanket.

But society can't afford to have adults, who vote on wars and other serious issues, who demand respect and consideration for their illusions....if illusions can give comfort, they can also lead to fears that Saddam was coming to get us...or that ISIS is...

We know we can't lave people to roam free who believe they are Napoleon, or matter how much comfort THEY derive from their illusions, the rest of us feel decidedly uneasy...a basis, for action or belief, grounded in illusions is a danger to the rest of doesn't matter how much comfort another gets, for the rest of us it is dangerous to have neighbors who base their most important actions on illusions, and get "comfort" from that...these kind will treat Global Warming, or any other fact-based thing as just another illusion, just another matter of "faith".....and that's not so good.

It's way past the time when religious folk have to be challenged just as we learned to challenge anti-Semites or racists, who also base their strongest feelings on illusions, for the welfare and safety and yes, comfort, of us all, not just that of those who hold these illusions and bring us wars and racism and misogeny and countless other ills a small planet of several billion people...these people and their beliefs are dangerous.


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