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=> you're lucky to get "condolences"...

you're lucky to get "condolences"...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, April 25 2014, 14:44:35 (UTC)
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...Aboud Dankha strikes again....using impeccable logic he sticks his foot in his mouth again.

"Erdogan's Turkey is cunningly offering their ("condolences") to thwart and hijack next year's 100th anniversary event planned by Armenians and their supporters around the world condemning the first "Genocide "of the twentieth century and asking for official APOLGY and COMPENSATION.Not mere "condolences "."

...the world will be an insane place if everyone has to be allowed to "go back to their native lands"....imagine the Americans all having to go back to Europe.

The world will also be a poor place if compensation has to be paid to all displaced persons, ever.

No modern country backs this proposal because they know it will set a bad precedent and their own displaced and genocided people will come clamoring for the same.

Dankha and the rest have a hard time with history and world reality...they are the thwarted princes and darlings their mommies and sisters always treated them as and all they know from history is their own; that whenever they cut a finger, as a child, their mommies kissed it, or offered some other "suitable compensation". This is their "world view".


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