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...before getting into the meat of the topic, leave us take a side trip to see Taco in his impossible position. he came on here spouting about we were haters and stupid and the rest of it...we asked him for actual and real evidence, from actual authors and experts, to back up his ideas...he brought nothing except grandmothers etc. When I asked him to cite experts he all but said he didn't need to....we said that was because there were none who backed his he brought the JAAS and a professor from Thrace and a few religious sites and printers...and claimed that was enough.

But now, on THIS topic, he thinks he has an actual expert who backs him up. You notice how quickly he posted that Rollinger thing? He didn't bother with JAAS this time...or any printers, or, this time he actually brought an you see he knows the value of experts, just can't find any to back himself we can go through this latest discovery that has assyrian wetting themselves because they mistakenly think it PROOVES they are assyrians...proves that for all those centuries when they were saying we are Syrians, the rewally meant Assyrians..that the two words meant the same thing.

I copied the following from that you tube video he sent us to...I suppose they are Rollinger's actual words since they are presented with quotation marks....and although it's obvious these are fragments, still, they hold togetehr pretty well and are good enough for our pursposes.

This is the heart of Rollinger's quoted material, as Taco sent us to find.

"Luwian 'Surai' are equivalent to Phoenician 'Assur': the Luwian forms are clearly truncated versions, by way of aphesis, of the Phoenician ones....the inscription of Cinekoy provides incontrovertible proof that the Luwians used to pronounce 'Assyria' without the initial is evident that 'Surai' and 'Asurai' are simply variant versions of one and the same name."

Okay...what is wrong with all this, by way of proving that when, for the last 1000 years, Syrian meant, TO US, the same as Assyrian. I mean that's what assyrians are pinning their hopes on.

First of all, Rollinger and the other Assyriologists are talking about the time of the ancient Assyrians, and not modern times. Their perspective and goal is totally different from our own.

What does this inscription actually prove? It merely proves that at the time of the ancient Assyrians, one people, the Luwians, due to the rules of their own language, dropped the initial "A" from Assyrian. The Luwians apparently NEVER called the Assyrians "Assyrians"...they only knew of them as them that word meant Assyrian.

But that wasn't the case for the ASSYRIANS themselves. THAT has not been shown anywhere. The Assyrians NEVER called themselves Syrians. If an Assyrian scribe or learned man wrote or pronounced Assyrian as 'Syrian', he would have been corrected immediately...someone would have said..."Why are you pronouncing or spelling our name as if we were Luwians? That is the way the LUWIANS refer to us, not the way we do...we know we are Assyrians and ONLY Assyrians." And that person might have added.."what does it matter to us what OTHER people call us...we are Assyrians not Syrians".

That is the big problem with how this inscription is interpreted...especially by assyrians. If the Luwians had referred to us as BOTH Syrians and Assyrians, then we could claim that the words were interchangeable.....however, the Phoenicians would have had to have the same two versions...because if this too was only true of the Luwians, all it would mean is that the Luwians had this peculiarity...

However, what the assyrians are trying to prove is that the ASSYRIANS used both forms...and they clearly did not for there is no evidence for that anywhere...and why would there be?

Sometimes to make a point clearer to children you need to personalize it, make it easier to let's do that...

...let's substitute for Luwians, an imaginary people, who exist today on an island somewhere, or on a mountain...doesn't matter. What matters is that in the language of these people, because of the way their rules are, the initial "A" is dropped. These imaginary people know about America...only they call it 'Merica", because they too, like the Luwians, drop the initial "A".

In all their correspondence these imaginary people write to our State Department using 'Merica' for America....we don't argue with them because we know all about the way their language works...however, we sort of wish they'd translate their letters into OUR American language, but we don;t insist...we KNOW when they write "Merican" they mean American....we don't push it.

But, that doesn't mean that WE call ourselves, or think of ourselves, as Mericans....we know we are Americans and we always refer to ourselves by OUR name for ourselves...not someone else's.

...Taco knows he has to say will be interesting to see what....

"....the inscription of Cinekoy provides incontrovertible proof that the Luwians used to pronounce 'Assyria' without the initial is evident that 'Surai' and 'Asurai' are simply variant versions of one and the same name."


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