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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, April 4 2008, 0:43:20 (CEST)
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Website title: just isn't believebale that you have "no time to waste". For one thing you spend an awful lot of time telling us that. You said it once...ten times...a hundred times and we'd love to believe you if you'd just stop wasting so much time saying you have none to waste...we GET THE IDEA! Except your own actions give you the lie...well before anyone else needs to.

..on the other hand it's obvious that you have the time to call me a way, I suppose, of discrediting my issuing from a stupid asshole, shit-head, virgin monkey etc and therefore not worth reading or thinking about...but that's a very poor way to do it when that's ALL you do. I mean, who are you adressing? Obviously you don't convince me that I'm an asshole, shit-head etc. and make me stop writing...neither do you manage to stop people from reading things written by an asshole shit-head etc. It's clear that you would LOVE to discredit the ideas, if you could and you've made a few half-assed attempts which all blew up in your face. So, since you can't, you resort to asshole shit-head else explain the number of times you log on just to rtemind me that YOU think I'm an asshole shit-head etc?

Wouldn't you REALLY rather be able to SHOW that my ideas and thoughts are assholey and shit-heady? I mean then you'd have DONE something...but instead you just make yourself look worse...and just like an asshole WOULD look and behave...meanwhile I go right on writing...and people go on reading...and we'd still all love to hear your ideas about IDEAS..and not merely your ideas about my asshole...or virgins and monkeys....we got your point, alright already...but what else can you offer?

I say, and can prove easily enough, that Christianity teaches children crimes as rituals and beliefs...okay, you don't LIKE the way that looks or sounds. believe me, I looks pretty awful from here too. Also that your religion teaches children to be on the look-out for anything that can benefit them, no matter what other totally innocent person has to suffer as a consequence,,,and that this makes them accessories AFTER the fact to a crime i.e., the murder of Jesus, without which you people don't get that supreme benefit of benefits: "eternal life".

I haven't made any of this's what YOUR religion believes. I understand full-well that neither you nor they want it spoken of in quite such stark terms...but, sadly for you, I don't stop there....I also wonder what the impact can be of teaching children crimes, as a "religion", for centuries and, further, if there could be any connection to the wars and thefts and tortures and crimes committed by Christian nations, far more than any other nations or religions on earth...which even Christian and Western historians admit to?

These are points and issues well worth considering...or not. But coming on here JUST to call the person they issue from an asshole shit-head etc., as a way of condeming those ides, does nothing AGAINST the ideas...while showing that you're clearly, CLEARLY, upset and would LOVE to discredit them. So, as compensation, you attack the messenger. Which is okay...and you're welcome to continue. But how much more I'd prefer to have your IDEAS challenge I YEARN to have any of you puddin headed idiots take me on, idea for idea...reference for reference...challenge for challenge. Alas...none of you will. You're just the one among them who doesn't mind SHOWING us how incapable you are of direct confrontation on the issues with your ashole and virgin hang-up. Which only makes you look weak and silly...for which we THANK you from the heart of our bottoms.

Clearly you have every right and reason to be dismayed at all of this reaching a public forum...I understand that. I also understand that you'd like nothing better than to discredit each and every point raised and show that it all comes from the fact that I am an unpopular, asshole who was hurt as a child...or any other way you could assassinate my character, because that's what you people do hitting people in the back because you haven't the guts to face them...I understand your limitations which you've gone to such lengths to display before us all....but don't you think it would serve your purposes better if you could show that my IDEAS and reasoning or references were the "assholes"...instead of me, the person conveying them?

And when you're asked why you can' reply that you're way too busy to be bothered with "wasting time". But you ARE wasting time, dear boy..and also energy because however much time you do ain't getting the job done...see what I mean? As long as you admit to wasting time TELLING me that you're NOT going to waste time..why not expend some time to be EFFECTIVE...since I doubt your reason to waste what time you do is to just tell me you have none to waste...which contradicts everything you claim.

Since you ARE wasting time...and you see that I'm writing and thinking and people are reading, as if you didn't exist, why not waste BETTER time by at least making a stab at the IDEAS?

I leave it up to you.


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